Yogurt Bark

I’ve seen pictures of this a million times but never got around to making it.  I’m trying to eat a little more healthy these days, but since I’m a snacker by nature, that means I need healthy snacks hanging around so I don’t dive into the massive jar of Nutella that my daughter insists must be in the pantry.

It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s good for you. It can be made a million different ways.

It’s yogurt bark.

Simply grab a brand of Greek yogurt that you like.  Smear it in a pan.  Toss on it pretty much whatever fruits, nuts, even chocolate that you like. Freeze a few hours.  Break.

It doesn’t travel too well here in the Mexican humidity.  But it’s a great and healthy snack to reach for when I’m at home and am craving a little nibble.  I like mine a little thinner than pictured, easier to bite through when frozen.  I love the combination of the little cacao nibs and strawberry, but you can use any berry you like.  You can also add honey to the mixture if you’d like it a little sweeter.

Play around with it and give it a try.  Can’t argue with fast and healthy!


  • 1 large tub of Greek yogurt
  • sliced strawberries, or any berry you like
  • chocolate chips (optional )
  • 1 TAB honey (optional)


Spread yogurt evenly onto a baking sheet. Top with fruit and any other ingredients you desire.  Freeze for at least 4 hours.  Break into pieces and store in ziploc bag in freezer.

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